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FeedMagazine/Kraftfutter as a completely bilingual journal addresses all matters concerning the nutrition of productive livestock and other animals. It examines the facets of the world markets from a European standpoint.

FeedMagazine/Kraftfutter reports on:
  • topical issues of animal nutrition
  • statutory framework conditions
  • markets and enterprises
  • country perspectives
  • ancillary industries
  • engineering and plant construction
  • documentation
  • training
  • trade fairs and events
  • upstream and downstream sectors
  • international developments

FeedMagazine/Kraftfutter is the international trade journal for producers and dealers of and in products for animal nutrition, public authorities, and official and private consultants to agricultural producers.

Six issues per year, bilingual in German and English

(IVW II 2017)
Printed circulation: 1,700
Actual circulation:1,605
Sold circulation:511

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