Flavouring substances (mainly as extracts) as an effective principle in applications for zootechnical feed additives are rare (so far) (<10).

 The few applications for this received here aim to document the grouping of the flavouring substances in this additive category through improved growth.
The Authors
The authors – Gerhard Flachowsky and Jürgen Gropp – are long-serving members of the EFSA Panel on Additives and Products or Substances in Animal Feed (FFEDAP). They report on the work of the FEEDAP Panel. The articles contain personal views and representations, not those of EFSA or the EU. Consequently they do not necessarily coincide with the viewpoints of EFSA or the EU. As experts working on behalf of EFSA, the authors are subject to certain confidentiality obligations.

Specific zootechnical effects are neither the subject of applications, nor are they described, although they are conceivable (feed intake, secretion of the digestive enzymes, immune stimulation, as well as possible antibacterial, coccidiostatic, antiviral, inflammation-inhibiting and anti-oxidative properties) and covered by REG 1831/2003 (substances which favourably affect the performance in good health). Possibilities of differentiating for a substantiated application and for successful application of sensory additives as innovative zootechnical additives in practice would exist. However, no attempt has been made (an application for authorisation).