5N Plus Inc., a leading producer of specialty chemicals and engineered materials, announced its entry into the animal feed minerals market.

sector represents an estimated market size of over $5 billion by 2022  supported by demand for higher quality and purity feed material exacerbated by depletion of essential
minerals and metals in the soil and by a growing demand for higher quality meat products globally. 5N Plus wil l manufacture a range of products to address the specific needs associated with this sector, focusing initially on theproduction and development of animal feed containing trace elements essential for good health and nutrition of
animals. The Company’s leading position in the production of ultra‐high purity materials, active pharmaceutical ingredients; both for humans and
animals, uniquely positions 5N Plus to address the stringent requirements associated with the feed industry. The Company’s investments will be in multiple phases with the initial tranche aimed at establishing capacity and capabilityin Europe and is slated for completion within twelve months, with qualification samples available in Q4 2018 and volume
production shortly thereafter.
The new production facility is designed to be a state‐of‐the‐art manufacturing plant capable of producing enabling materials with tightest tolerances required by the industry and providing greater safety and reliability to the customers in the feed industry. Some of these materials will contain trace amounts of minor metals designed to fulfill a critical role
within healthy animal diet.5N Plus teamed up with Jadis Additiva, Schiedam/NL who
have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field and will be the distributors in Europe.
About 5N Plus Inc.

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