Rhodimet® A-Dry+ is authorized as a feed additive in the EU

Rhodimet® A-Dry+, an innovative new powder methionine product, based on the liquid methionine (OH-Methionine) technology developed by Adisseo is now authorized in European Union as a feed additive for all animal species.
This new value-added methionine source is a formulation of Adisseo liquid OH-Methionine (Rhodimet® AT88) with a calcium salt of OH-Methionine, containing min 88% of OH-Methionine and min 8% calcium.
Rhodimet® A-Dry+ is now authorized in all European Union Member states, as a feed additive in animal nutrition. The regulation has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union on the 3rd January 2019 and entered into force on the 23rd January 2019.
For this product, Adisseo has built a new production unit in its Burgos industrial plant in Spain. As expected, during the first semester 2018, the production of OH-Methionine in powder at Burgos has been started and is progressively ramping-up.
With this new authorization of Rhodimet® A-Dry+ in the European Union, Adisseo will propose Rhodimet® A-Dry+ to European customers who do not have the ability to use liquid additives in their process and want to get the benefits of this OH-Methionine form (piglets feed millers, mineral producers, etc). Rhodimet® A-Dry+ is a calcium salt-based product where liquid OH-Methionine is sprayed on a calcium salt of OH-Methionine. This innovative process allows the product to reach a high concentration of 88% OH-Methionine and a great flowability.
With this new innovative product, Adisseo is completing its methionine sources portfolio to satisfy all customers’ needs and reinforces its position as a leader in the methionine industry.

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