Agras Pet Foods acquires a company in Italy for the production and packaging of dry dog and cat food.

With this acquisition, Agras Pet Foods consolidates its position in the pet food industry and covers the supply chain from production to distribution with its flagship brand Schesir.

Sales of almost €100 million are expected in 2020, with solid growth compared to 2019.

Agras Pet Foods, a company founded in 1986 in Genoa, Italy, which distributes the brands Schesir, Stuzzy in the petfood sector in the specialist channel and Adoc in large-scale retail outlets in Italy and abroad, completed the acquisition of the Cerere production plant in Neive (Cuneo, Italy) at the beginning of November. Cerere is specialised in the production and packaging of dry pet food.

The industrial integration project between Agras Pet Foods and Cerere represents a strategic step in Agras Pet Foods' objective to become a key player in the dry pet food segment with its flagship brand Schesir, characterised by superior product quality and palatability, rapid innovation and efficiency and sustainability in production.

More precisely, Cerere Produzione Srl was acquired 100%: The company was founded in 2020 following the spin-off of the production branch of Cerere S.p.A., which is owned by the Schiappapietra family. The Schiappapietra family has managed the company since 1977 and will continue to market products under its own brand through Cerere S.p.A.

Cerere Produzione Srl's 2019 pro forma turnover was approximately 10 million Euros.

In the coming years Agras Pet Foods intends to double the production of dry pet food, both under its own and third party brands, also thanks to the investment plan of the previous owners.
Pietro Molteni - CEO Agras Pet Foods
Pietro Molteni - CEO Agras Pet Foods

 "The acquisition", says CEO Pietro Molteni, "is part of Agras Pet Foods' strategy to develop a portfolio of innovative dry products to be distributed in Italy and abroad. The direct access and control of the production capacity will allow the takeover of the entire value chain, from supply to production".
Simone Mezzanotte - General Director Agras Pet Foods
Simone Mezzanotte - General Director Agras Pet Foods

Simone Mezzanotte, General Manager of Agras Pet Foods, explains: "Thanks to recent investments, the Cerere plant can guarantee the highest standards of quality, food safety and production efficiency. Together with the increasing brand awareness and the expansion of the consumer base, this will help to further accelerate the growth of the dry segment with the "Schesir" brand through product innovation".

Agras Pet Foods supplies the pet food industry with high quality products. Today Agras Pet Foods is the leading distributor of natural pet food for dogs and cats in Italy, with a focus on wet pet food in individual cans.

The company sells about 25,000 tons of Schesir and Stuzzy brand products every year, both in Italy and abroad, and distributes them to more than 3,000 customers in over 40 countries with the help of about 60 employees. Agras also sells products under the Adoc brand at wholesale in Italy.

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