Cooperation in production

GS agri eG (Schneiderkrug) and Agravis Raiffeisen AG (Münster and Hanover) as well as Agravis Kraftfutterwerk Oldenburg GmbH and the cooperatives involved in them are sticking to their goals of increasing the efficiency of compound feed production and getting a better sete up by bundling know-how, Future-proof production and consulting services in the region. Nevertheless, their discussions on the establishment of two joint ventures for the production and sale of compound feed can not be realized as planned from the current perspective. The complexity of the project as well as the still uncertain antitrust-based decision-making basis have led all involved parties to investigate a possible cooperation exclusively focused on the production area. At the end of last year, GS agri and Agravis announced that they would be working closely together on the compound feed business. "The current challenges in the field of compound feed, the large number of detailed decisions and the current company valuations have made clear that the process simply takes more time than originally thought. That's why we wanted to take this time and continue to consult within the company - but without losing sight of the big picture. In short, we just need more time to discuss things further - without pressure and too ambitious targets, "emphasized Cord Schiplage, Managing Director of GS agri eG and Sönke Voss, Managing Director of Agravis Futtermittel GmbH.
Both emphasized that the originally formulated goals such as increasing the efficiency of compound feed production in the face of growing social requirements such as GMO-free feeding and increasing competitive pressure through the creation of overcapacity in the market with decreasing numbers of animals in the region will endure.