Crystalyx supports Pink Ribbon until the end of the year

Final spurt in the Pink Ribbon promotion from Crystalyx: the AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG's brand still collects until the end of the year for the non-profit organization Pink Ribbon for donate. For each sold 22.5 kilograms and 70 kilograms bucket of Lick Mass Crystalyx Vitalyx will be donated 5 Euro. All Pink Crystalyx Vitalyx Buckets are therefore provided with a sticker that indicates the donation campaign.
Crystalyx Vitalyx is a supplementary feed which supports dairy cattle in the preparatory and fresh milking phase and ensures an optimal start to lactation. Pink Ribbon Germany wants attention for the early detection of breast cancer increase. Early detection can significantly contribute to the disease process positively influence, to ensure the best possible quality of life and the lower mortality rate. For this, it is important to the healthy people early to reach. Pink Ribbon tries to point out which chance the early detection for breast cancer offers.