Fire and explosion protection

Dust explosions pose a great danger to man, plant and the environment.
For the plant operator, this means taking effective safety measures to effectively protect the workers and facilities so that the risk of fire and explosion is kept to a minimum. Failures or mistakes can endanger human life and cause enormous damage to property. They also violate applicable law and insurance claims.
There are now numerous structural and technical options that prevent fire and / or deflagration in machinery, plants and buildings from arising and spreading.
The new trade publication provides the practitioner with the current state of fire and explosion protection. It provides answers to all questions regarding the threat and effective security measures. Based on the physical and chemical fundamentals, the characteristic values, the valid standards and legal regulations, suitable protection concepts are developed. Numerous practical examples increase the understanding of complicated relationships.
S. Radandt, F. Hauert, 2018
256 pages, hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-86263-113-1
49,90 €