First feed additive certified for methane reduction in ruminants

The Carbon Trust certifies AGOLIN RUMINANT, a plant based in-feed additive to help reduce methane emissions in cows, one of the major sources of greenhouse gas from agricultural production.

Agolin SA, a Swiss based Company develops and produces innovative phytogenic additives for the livestock sector. The company has been awarded a Certificate of Achievement from The Carbon Trust Assurance Ltd for the dairy and cattle product, AGOLIN RUMINANT, in the reduction of methane emissions and improvement in feed efficiency.

This breakthrough is a first in terms of an independently assessed and certified in-feed additive which not only improves feed efficiency but also significantly reduces methane emissions from cows.

AGOLIN RUMINANT, when it is included in dairy and cattle feed at a rate of one gram per head each day for adult animals, has been shown to influence methanogenesis, the production of methane, in the rumen and thereby reduce methane release to the environment by the animal. In addition, the product has also shown to improve feed efficiency, which means that the return on milk and meat per kilogram of feed is better. This improved utilisation of resources benefits animals, farmers and the environment.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United nations (FAO) it is estimated that of the 50 billion tonnes (CO2 – eq) of greenhouse gases (GHG) created by all sources each year around 2 billion tonnes comes directly from cows and beef animals. If AGOLIN RUMINANT was fed to these animals the saving would be around 300 million tonnes of GHG emissions.


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