New approaches to feed Standard pastus+

The pastus+ quality assurance system for animal feed has been operated since 2006 by AMA-Marketing GmbH based in Vienna. Pastus+ was created against the background of providing safe animal feed for farmers in the AMA quality label programme (quality and origin assurance system for food). The control system covers the entire feed value chain.

Over the years, more and more feed businesses have been acquired as participants. Agreements with other quality assurance systems, such as QS and GMP+, for the recognition of audits have been concluded. Thus, pastus+ developed into an established standard in the field of animal feed.

After continuous development with a focus on feed safety and recognition, it is now time to create further benefits for participating companies and incentives for new ones. In order to further support the free movement of safe feed, AMA-Marketing pursued the goal of simplifying the general conditions for participation in the pastus+ system.

Recognised companies that only sell feed within the pastus+ system and not directly to farmers in the AMA Quality Seal Programme can register as pastus+ system participants. This possibility represents a new alternative to participation as a pastus+ licensee. It is no longer necessary to display the pastus+ label as a system participant.

These changes are not only accompanied by a faster registration process, but also by a fundamental revision of the contracts and a more attractive fee schedule. This will make life easier for all participating companies.