Animal Nutrition

E.F.S. expands product portfolio

Sufficient crude fiber in the feed improves intestinal health.
Sufficient crude fiber in the feed improves intestinal health.

With JELUVET® lignocellulose, Eurofeed Services (E.F.S.) offers a natural and functional raw fiber component. It is suitable for all animal species.

The product is a natural source of raw fiber made from pure lignocellulose. A special manufacturing process maintains the natural integrity of the fiber for maximum effect, according to the company. The product is thus a functional component for use in livestock and pet foods, it said.

Only with a healthy gut can animals reach their full genetic potential. According to the company, the product supports intestinal integrity and improves gut health. With a crude fiber content 2-3 times higher than conventional fiber carriers, the product can deliver the desired crude fiber content at a lower usage rate and competes less with other nutrients.

JELUVET® also prolongs the feeling of satiety, facilitates intestinal transit and prevents constipation, it adds. The excellent water-binding capacity improves manure consistency and improves hygienic conditions in the barn, thus supporting animal health.