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New yeast product from Lallemand

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For well-being and performance, piglets need essential amino acids and vitamins.
For well-being and performance, piglets need essential amino acids and vitamins.

Lallemand Animal Nutrition has developed YELA PROSECURE, a new yeast product. It is rich in lysine, other essential amino acids and B vitamins, and is a cost-effective alternative given the shortage of lysine, according to the company.

YELA PROSECURE is a hydrolyzed yeast that is standardized and guarantees high levels of functional ingredients through the addition of specific exogenous enzymes. It is rich in highly digestible proteins and has a balanced amino acid profile, the company informs.

Positive influence on digestion

Not only the lysine content of 3.14%, but also the proportion of free amino acids as well as oligopeptides makes this product an interesting alternative in the current world market situation. Also the proportion of B vitamins as well as the proportion of available energy for the piglets to be considered has a positive and cost-efficient effect on the optimization of the rations. A large number of trials showed that the maintenance of performance as well as the well-being of the animals and the digestibility of the feed are positively influenced by YELA PROSECURE.

YELA PROSECURE offers both functional and nutritional benefits to support animal growth and gut health:

- Functional benefits: small peptides and free functional amino acids, palatability improvement and prebiotic effect.

- Nutritional benefits: digestible proteins, energy, minerals and vitamins.

Also suitable for organic production

Today, animal production is working towards sustainability and the reduction of the ecological footprint of animal production. Yeast-based proteins represent a promising alternative to reduce the use of conventional protein sources. In addition, the functionality of yeast proteins helps to reduce the use of antibiotics while improving animal performance.

YELA PROSECURE is an innovative straight feed (EU Regulation 68/2013), which is a reliable functional protein source for animal nutrition. The product can be used in organic production.

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