Animal welfare

"Innovation Award Animal Welfare" tendered

The Initiative Tierwohl (ITW) has launched the "Innovation Award Animal Welfare". Since 2 July, pig, chicken and turkey owners, experts and scientists can apply for the prize with their innovative ideas and projects. The ITW awards ideas that promote animal welfare, its measurability and animal health in the livestock farming of pigs, chickens and turkeys. Applicants can receive prize money as well as ideas or concepts that have already been formulated for ideas that have already been implemented. In addition, as part of the "Innovation Prize for Animal Welfare", ITW supports projects for the practical implementation of the latest findings for greater animal welfare through financial support. The deadline for applications for prize money or project funding is October 1st.

"We believe that there are a lot of innovative approaches in agriculture, especially in livestock farming," explains Dr. Alexander Hinrichs, Managing Director of the Animal Welfare Initiative. "Our aim is to help these approaches to a breakthrough. This includes that concepts must be tested in practice. However, this also means that innovative ideas first become known. With the Innovation Award for Animal Welfare, we want to help as many of these approaches as possible to make their breakthrough possible so that ideas that increase animal welfare, measurability of animal welfare or animal health can also be implemented on a broad scale. According to the fundamental principle of ITW, the criterion of practicability in as many companies as possible is also an extremely important assessment criterion for the jury in the case of the "Innovation Prize Animal Welfare".

The jury consists of the members of the advisory committee of the ITW. It decides which projects receive the award of a project grant or which ideas are rewarded with prize money. Hinrichs: "For us, it is not the effort that has been made that counts, but the benefit for the animals and the question of whether the idea can be implemented in many companies. I would therefore like to give livestock owners in particular courage to apply. Even a small idea can bring great benefits and be rewarded by the ITW. "

The winners of the prize money will each receive € 10,000, the runners-up € 7,000 and the runners-up € 5,000. The amount of project funding is not fixed. It will depend on the concrete evaluation of the projects and the estimated costs. ITW plans to award the "Innovation Award Animal Welfare" annually. Further information can be found here: