The Eurostars funded program SUMINAPP (Sustainable Usage of trace MINerals for Animal Production Programs) is now running. Lead by Animine, the France based supplier of value added sources of trace minerals, this collaborative project is supervised by a consortium which includes PigChamp Pro, the Spanish company specialised in vet services and health consultancy through research and data management, and CIRAD, the French agricultural research organisation. Aiming at fine tuning optimal supply of zinc and copper, the program will include studies on pigs, poultry, ruminants and fishes. Innovative biomarkers will measure nutritional status and intestinal health of growing animals. Not only mineral quantification but also metal speciation in animal wastes will be assessed. Ultimately, this ambitious program of a total budget of 2,2 M€ will provide data for ecotoxicity and integration in life cycle analysis calculations.


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