With BEWI-FATRIX® Biotin, the Münsterland special feed manufacturer BEWITAL agri GmbH & Co. KG offers highly effective biotin in rumen-protected form. Biotin plays a key role in energy metabolism (milk yield) and in maintaining the strength of the hoof horn. Only in rumen-protected form does it enter the metabolism of the dairy cow without major losses in the rumen. The coating is based on European raw materials, which is why this product can also be used in most dairy quality programmes.

For high milk yields an optimal function of the energy metabolism is important. The water-soluble vitamin biotin has key functions as a coenzyme in both glucose and fat metabolism. At the same time it is important for the strength and structure of the hoof horn. A sufficient supply of biotin via feeding is necessary for high-performance cows, as the self-synthesis by the rumen microbes is often insufficient. This is especially the case when using starch-rich high-performance rations.

In practical feeding, unprotected biotin has so far been used almost exclusively in mineral or compound feed. However, scientific studies show that less than 50% of unprotected biotin, which is administered via the feed, reaches the small intestine. This is due to the microbial breakdown in the rumen. In order to show positive effects on milk yield and hoof health in trials, biotin has therefore had to be fed in very high doses until now. This has a significant effect on the price of the mineral or compound feed.

In the event of sharply rising prices for active ingredients due to general market developments or unforeseeable events, this often leads to the temporary abandonment of biotin in many cases. Since the positive effects of biotin, especially on hoof health and the reduction of lameness, depend decisively on the length of time it is used, a temporary renunciation often leads to the loss of the positive effects achieved so far. The use of rumen-protected biotin, on the other hand, significantly improves economic efficiency, especially in times of high active ingredient prices. This enables a long-term use.

By means of matrix encapsulation using cryotechnology, BEWI-FATRIX® Biotin protects the biotin it contains against premature breakdown in the rumen. This is the only way to ensure the effective provision of sufficient quantities of biotin in the metabolism of the dairy cow. Thanks to this special production process, the amount of biotin used in the feed can be significantly reduced. Already with an application quantity of 0.5 to 1 g BEWI-FATRIX® Biotin per cow and day, an effective quantity of biotin can be fed via the mineral or compound feed. This significantly improves the economy of biotin use.

 According to the manufacturer, BEWI-FATRIX® Biotin has the following properties:

  • For effective support of milk yield and hoof health in high performance cows
  • Special matrix encapsulation protects against microbial degradation in the rumen, for best availability in the small intestine
  • Significantly improved profitability through more efficient biotin supply in metabolism
  •  Rumen-stable fat matrix based on European raw materials, suitable for use in dairy quality programmes

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