Wolfgang Jirasek, the former Managing Director of BIOMIN Deutschland GmbH, left the company on 10 October 2018 due to health reasons.
His position will be taken over by Thomas Stottmeister.
Thomas Stottmeister has many years of professional experience in an international environment and will assume a dual role at BIOMIN in the future. He continues to be managing director of BIOMIN Phytogenics in Stadtoldendorf and, in addition to his previous duties, also takes over the management of BIOMIN Deutschland GmbH. His goal is to further expand the presence and activity of BIOMIN in the German market and to send out positive signals.
In addition to Thomas Stottmeister, Markus Edlinger and André van Lankveld continue to belong to the management of BIOMIN Deutschland GmbH. While Markus Edlinger is primarily responsible for the mineral feed business, André van Lankveld is responsible for the compound feed industry and the additives business.

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