Feed regulations (Futtermittelrechtliche Vorschriften)

The well-respected book “Futtermittelrechtliche Vorschriften (Feed Law Regulations)” has appeared in its new, the 17th, edition. Everything in one volume – This comprehensive, up-to-date text collection “Futtermittelrechtliche Vorschriften (Feed Law Regulations)” contains summarized all valid and relevant regulations on licensing, production, transport (trade), supply and control / monitoring of feed, additives and premixes as well as feeding with pollutant or additive supplemented feed. On more than 700 pages, both national laws and regulations and EC regulations in consolidated form for frequent use in the office and on the move, handy and always ready to hand, clearly arranged and quickly refurbished. Each chapter is preceded by an introduction with explanations, which makes it easier to understand the legal texts. The glossary of the most important terms from daily practice, their valid definitions and the references to the relevant legal texts offers further useful assistance. A detailed subject index at the end of the book allows quick searches and cross-references / comparisons.
The book is aimed at manufacturers and suppliers of compound feed, pet food, feed materials, premixes, additives and veterinary drugs, agricultural trade, wholesale and foreign trade, livestock farms, animal nutrition and QM advisers, veterinarians, transport companies, (monitoring) authorities, feed inspectors, testing laboratories, associations and organizations and, finally, science as well as teachers and learners of technical colleges and universities and participants of continuing education events on animal nutrition and feed science.
Futtermittelrechtliche Vorschriften
Text collection with explanations, 17th edition
Maier-Stein / Radewahn (ed.)
768 pages, Erling Verlag, 2018, ISBN: 978-3-86263-133-9, 39,90 €