Brenntag EMEA supplies SoftAcid® and Neubacid® Soft from Borregaard

Brenntag (WKN A1DAHH), the world leader in chemical distribution, is the preferred partner for the sourcing and licensing of Borregaard's SoftAcid® and Neubacid® Soft product lines and their distribution to the European feed industry. The agreement applies to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Belarus, Serbia, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Ukraine, Switzerland and Austria.

Wouter Vullings, Marketing Manager of Animal Nutrition, Brenntag EMEA, explains: "The safety, unobjectionable and consistently high quality of the products and services we offer our customers are a top priority for Brenntag Animal Nutrition. Because animal feed is increasingly being mixed with organic acids, the demand for high-quality, sustainable additives is increasing. SoftAcid and Neubacid Soft meet all requirements and expectations, so they fit perfectly into our product portfolio for the animal feed industry. "

Neubacid Soft is made from lignin, a natural polymer that provides strength in woody plant parts. As an additive, it reduces the etching power of organic acids without affecting their effect. In addition, Neubacid Soft significantly inhibits bacterial and biofilm formation.
Tom Stylo, Business Manager at Borregaard LignoTech, welcomes the collaboration with Brenntag: "As a proven industry leader, Brenntag is the partner we need to bring the benefits of SoftAcid technology to the animal feed industry. Brenntag is very familiar with the complex supply chain of animal feed production. His experienced team of experts has the technical and professional know-how to work out tailor-made solutions for our customers based on our natural, sustainable products."