Denkavit and Marvesa work together

Intestinal health in dairy calves can be promoted by administration of resin acids.
imago/Martin Wagner
Intestinal health in dairy calves can be promoted by administration of resin acids.

Denkavit Ingredients and Marvesa Oils & Fats are joining forces. Both companies will cooperate in the sale and supply of Progres Liquid from September 1. This bundling is expected to make the application of resin acids in compound feeds more efficient.

Progres, which is liquid by nature, is difficult to apply to carrier material, making dry processing in feeds economically unattractive and leading to additional hand pouring. On the other hand, according to Denkavit, the ability to dose liquid additives individually is often limited. Adding Progres to Marvesa's functional fats makes it more economical and easier to use, the release adds.

In addition to customer efficiency, both companies are focusing on optimizing the production chain in this collaboration. Marvesa's new tank farm with optimized terminals in Rotterdam ensures that Progres can be processed under controlled conditions and with maximum accuracy, it adds.

Resin acids combat inflammation

Since 2014, Progres has been widely used in compound feeds for poultry, pigs, calves and as a special feed for ruminants. In addition to an antimicrobial effect - the natural protective mechanism of trees - the resin acids have a direct anti-inflammatory effect. Research has shown that certain enzymes that occur in increased concentrations in the intestine as part of inflammatory processes are inhibited by the addition of Progres, Denkavit further informs. This results in improved intestinal integrity and reduced energy consumption by the immune system, it adds. In practice, this means improved digestion and growth of animals fed Progres, it adds.

Expert in functional fats

Marvesa Oils & Fats B.V., a Dutch company based in Amsterdam, is known for its fat concepts that focus on providing functional fats such as LECIFEED and PHYTOLIPOGENICS (PLG), according to Denkavit. The ability to blend Progres in allows these products to have an even broader impact and provides animal nutritionists with an additional tool to manage gut health, it adds.