Crespel & Deiters

Two new brands for Pet Food and Feed

The Crespel & Deiters Group restructures its product portfolio and introduces two divisions for pet food and farm animal feed: Trigea and Crespeo. While Trigea with its Trigovit® product line includes functional ingredients for pet food, Crespeo with its Crespovit® range focuses on applications for the feed market. All products are designed to meet the special nutritional needs of animals and come from GMO-free EU cultivation. As a highly digestible source of protein and carbohydrates, wheat as a raw material not only offers an ideal nutritional value, but also provides functional benefits to optimise stability, texture and taste. The natural wheat components of Trigea and Crespeo enable manufacturers to produce targeted and sustainable solutions to meet the increased demand for high-quality applications.

The Trigovit® portfolio for pet care applications comprises five different product lines, all based on natural and sustainably produced wheat raw materials:

  • Trigovit® Starch: The modified starches are suitable as binding and thickening agents for wet, moist and dry feeds. They also improve the product properties of snacks and chewing bones in terms of flexibility, crispness or bite resistance.  
  • Trigovit® Protein: Wheat proteins in native or hydrolyzed form enrich snacks, wet, moist and dry food with valuable amino acids and improve agglomeration and water retention. They are also a valuable vegetable protein source.
  • Trigovit® Tex: Textured wheat proteins obtained by extrusion can replicate meat structures to improve nutritional value, texture and shelf life as a hybrid or even vegan end product.
  • Trigovit® Mix: The tailor-made starch-based premixes deliver high binding and thickening performance and optimize production processes as well as the sensory, visual and textural properties of the end product.
  • Trigovit® Flour: Extruded wheat swelling flours with high solubility and good binding properties for viscous moist and semi-moist applications, e.g. for puppy and kitten milk.

The Crespovit® portfolio for livestock applications consists of high-quality wheat compounds for the feed industry. Whether as a binder, stabiliser or high-value nutrient source, the Crespovit® range ensures optimised end products and makes production more economical, qualitative and sustainable.

  • Crespovit® Starch comprises a broad portfolio of native and modified starches and pregelatinized starches. The digested starches provide an easily digestible carbohydrate source for the animals and at the same time serve as functional binders for different requirements.
  • Crespovit® Protein: The highly soluble hydrolysed wheat protein is ideal for use in young animal feeding. The highly digestible protein is distributed homogeneously, for example in milk replacers and prestarters, and raises the protein level with its protein content of at least 82 %.
  • Crespovit® Flour are extruded wheat swelling flours, which are used as a stabiliser and easily digestible carbohydrate source in milk replacers and prestarters due to their very good solubility. They also have good binding properties and thus serve as a binder for the compound feed industry.

The Crespel & Deiters Group has been one of the leading European specialists for wheat-based products in the food and non-food sectors for more than 160 years. Commenting on the restructuring of the Pet Food and Feed brands in Trigea and Crespeo, Gustav Deiters, Managing Partner of the Group, explains: “Our passion for wheat is based on its infinite possibilities: In addition to its healthy nutritional value, this natural and sustainably produced raw material offers numerous properties to simplify production processes and at the same time improve the quality of the end product. By differentiating the feed and pet food brands, we can provide manufacturers with targeted ingredients for holistic solutions and our specialized knowledge for their R&D processes.”