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Reduction of nutrient excretion on dairy farms

The RumiTop® N+P efficiency calculator is a new, unique tool on the website www.deuka.de. With the help of the online calculator, cattle farmers can find out how switching to nitrogen(N)- and phosphorus(P)-reduced compound feed can help reduce nutrient excretion from dairy cattle. This helps farms with a shortage of space in particular to comply with the requirements of the new fertiliser ordinance and to reduce lease and disposal costs.
"The legal requirements for the reduction of nutrient and harmful gas emissions are becoming increasingly strict. Cattle farmers should therefore take a close look at the opportunities and possibilities offered to them by switching to N+P-reduced feeding - with the same or even better milk yield, of course," explains Georg Riewenherm, Head of Product Management at Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer. "Here our sophisticated RumiTop® N+P efficiency calculator offers farmers excellent support. With just a few clicks, the new tool presents concrete savings potentials for the farm".

Fast, simple, accurate: This is how the new online calculator works. The user guidance of the new digital tool is easy and intuitive: cattle farmers first add data on herd size, farm area and milk yield of their animals. Afterwards, information on current feeding can be supplemented with silage, grain, protein carriers or mineral feed. The calculator automatically recommends an N+P-reduced compound feed suitable for the current ration (for example our brand deuka). The subsequent evaluation section compares the nutrient composition, milk yield and feed quantity of the actual and optimised target ration. This finally results in the concrete area savings for the discharge of excess nitrogen and phosphorus.
For those who do not want to calculate with their own farm data, data from a sample farm are provided as examples. All values entered in the RumiTop® N+P efficiency calculator are completely anonymous and are not stored. RumiTop® is the innovative calculation model of Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer and helps to make the total ration more sustainable and ruminant friendly. The name is derived from the Latin ruma - the rumen.

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