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Optimizing a pig’s microbiome

A healthy gut microbiome provides the young pig a line of defense against pathogen challenges, says Dr. Karen Lehe, Director of Swine Business Development with Diamond V.

“Pigs that have a more diverse microbiome thrive and grow faster,” Dr. Lehe said. “The microbiome is really important when it comes to immune function and can be quite protective of the pig.”

Diamond V’s Kevin Corizzo interviewed Dr. Lehe as part of the company’s monthly video series “Diamond V at 75: Immune Strength for Life” – which celebrates Diamond V’s history in the animal and feed industries and highlights its industry vision and expertise. The May video serves as a preview of Diamond V expertise on hand at the World Pork Expo, June 6-8 in Des Moines, Iowa.

Dr. Lehe explained the pig’s gut microbiome consists of all the microorganisms found in the gastrointestinal tract – and it changes drastically at weaning when a pig moves from a milk-based diet to a plant-based diet. Optimizing a pig’s natural, beneficial microbiome helps support the overall health of the animal.

“The gut represents one of the mucosal barriers in the pig, which is a line of defense against pathogens entering the body,” she added.

The "Diamond V at 75" video series will continue throughout 2018 and highlight Diamond V initiatives and industry expertise.

To view the video, visit http://www.diamondv.com/media/video-library/75-years/.