Better digestibility with additives

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Prices for feed raw materials are high and continue to rise. Against this background, Dietaxion offers feed ingredients that optimize digestibility. Savings in phosphorus, energy and protein in broiler feeds are possible.

PIDOLin PCa® (pure calcium pidolate) promotes calcium transport and supports bone formation. Recent studies have shown that thanks to PIDOLin PCa® it is possible to greatly reduce phosphorus and calcium levels in broiler diets (up to -20%) without negatively affecting growth performance or bone structure, the company reports.

BUTYLin 54® is a double-buffered sodium butyrate. Its non-coated form allows butyric acid to be released from the first parts of the intestine, supporting endogenous enzyme secretion and the development of absorption sites in the intestine and maintaining the digestive integrity of the poultry. Feed digestibility is improved, leading to better performance in broilers (France 2013; Thailand 2016; Indonesia 2016, Argentina 2019) and layers (France 2013). DIETAXION has developed a formulation matrix for BUTYLin 54® that opens a new approach to energy and protein savings in broiler feeds (Argentina 2020).

More information at Victam/VIV at booth 08.D076.