Dr. Martin Pries (right) receives the Max-Eyth-Denkmünze in silver from DLG-Peäsident Hubertus Paetow.
Dr. Martin Pries (right) receives the Max-Eyth-Denkmünze in silver from DLG-Peäsident Hubertus Paetow.

The board of the DLG (German Agricultural Society eV) has Dr. Martin Pries from Bad Sassendorf awarded the Max Eyth silver medal. DLG President Hubertus Paetow presented the award on the occasion of the 128th session of the Federal Working Group of Feeding Referees on 01.10.2019 in Neustadt-Gleve (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern).
With the award, the DLG honors Dr. Pries' in-depth expertise in the field of animal nutrition, focusing on ruminant feeding and his keen willingness to share this knowledge and skills with colleagues. So is Dr. Martin Pries in addition to his work at the Chamber of Agriculture North Rhine-Westphalia long-time member of the DLG working group feed and feeding, in the DLG Committee for feed and substrate preservation, in addition to the Federal Working Group of Feeding Referees in the DLG, whose chairmanship he also kept more than 15 years (2002-2018).
In more than 35 years, Pries has brought great benefits to the industry and the DLG in his field of expertise through the further development of feeding methods. With his declared attitude that new insights and information are determined to find their way into the education and training of farmers, as well as in the consultation and thus in the application in practice, he has supported the sustainability of this discipline in large measure. His lived values ​​and his exemplary attitude are in line with the spirit of Max Eyth, and not least because of his extraordinary commitment and great commitment, numerous important and future-oriented DLG specialist information has been compiled and published.
Dr. Martin Pries was born in 1954 in Warendorf. He completed his studies in Agricultural Sciences in 1980 at the University of Bonn. His Ph.D. with emphasis on pig breeding followed in 1983 at the same place. With the change from the University to the Chamber of Agriculture North Rhine-Westphalia, he also changed the subject area and devoted himself henceforth to ruminant nutrition. Since then he has been responsible for the technical co-ordination of the trial "cattle feeding and food preservation" as a special adviser for the "feeding of cattle and small ruminants". Here, the implementation of practical, scientifically sound feeding trials is one of his core competencies. The results obtained are among the most important pillars of numerous DLG publications.

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