The German Association Tiernahrung e. V. (DVT) has published its annual report. The current issue provides insights into the topics of the feed industry and the activities of the association within the past twelve months, as well as an outlook on upcoming agricultural policy tasks. Animal welfare, fertilization regulations and uncertainties regarding the increasing pressure from social and environmental regulations are the order of the day in the agri-food industry. Dr. Hermann-Josef Baaken, spokesman for the DVT management, emphasizes: "It must become clear to the general public that animal nutrition is one of the key factors in answering current questions in agriculture - such as animal welfare or sustainability. We show this with many successful activities."
In parts of animal processing and thus in the animal feed industry, the limits of growth seem to have been reached. Nevertheless, agriculture continues to value quality animal nutrition in this difficult environment. It is an important guarantor of the qualitative performance for the animal value chain. In the publication, the DVT reports on the agricultural and market policy framework conditions for the animal feed industry as well as key figures on the raw material and animal feed markets. Current developments in the areas of animal nutrition and feed law show the importance and influence of feed and feeding on current issues. The association also shows that quality management and sustainability play a major role in the cross-industry and everyday challenges.

The annual report can be obtained from Deutscher Verband Tiernahrung e. V. (DVT), Beueler Bahnhofsplatz 18, 53225 Bonn (E-Mail: info@dvtiernahrung.de) free of charge. It is available for download on the Internet: https://www.dvtiernahrung.de/presse/publikationen.html

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