The companies in the feed industry are becoming more digital and explain their topics with moving, simple pictures. A new website provides a platform for this: anyone looking for information about animal feeding, the animal food industry itself, different types of feed or additives in feed can now find it at http://www.futterfakten.de. Frequently recurring questions are answered by feed experts in short, easy-to-understand texts or videos, and also dispel myths and prejudices. The German Feed Association (Deutscher Verband Tiernahrung e. V., DVT) is behind the new online service, but above all experts from the member companies with their experience and knowledge. Together they answer questions like: "What do dairy cows actually eat? Only concentrate?" "Additives in feed: All bad chemistry," or "Can I make my own dog food - am I allowed to do that?" and much more.

The main topics are: Working in the feed industry, what's in the trough, additives and prejudices & myths. The target group of this new information offer are all those who are interested in topics related to food and feeding. The site will be filled with new topics in the future. If readers have questions about feed and feeding, they can simply send them in. The pet food experts from DVT and the member companies will answer the questions in the form of new contributions, which will then be published on the homepage.

The new website serves as a supplement to the classic association website http://www.dvtiernahrung.de, through which the DVT provides information, statements, press releases and member information as usual.

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