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The upheaval in agriculture is inexorably taking its course, and political framework conditions are also changing the work of animal nutritionists. The German Animal Nutrition Association (DVT) presents the challenges and the changes in the feed industry in its annual report 2020/21.

This year, more than ever, DVT's publication focuses on the drastically changing framework conditions for agriculture, which will also have a direct impact on the feed industry. The report provides an overview of the political framework conditions, the situation on the raw material and feed markets, and key figures on the compound feed industry. Thus, the structural change does not stop at the compound feed producers. In the 2018/19 marketing year, for example, the number of farms fell further to 293, compared with 304 in the previous year, the DVT report states. The average production volume per farm, on the other hand, rose to 81,377 t, an increase of 2.9 percent or 2,308 t.

"For the socially demanded transformation of the livestock sector, politics has delivered proposals that must be implemented in the new legislative period. In doing so, the feed industry, despite its strongly integrated position in the production process, must by no means be left out of the picture," says Jan Lahde, DVT President, in the foreword. As an important link between plant and animal production, it makes a significant contribution to a regional, sustainable and secure food supply in Germany.

The article also reports on the work of quality management and research in the field of animal nutrition. In addition to information on activities in the areas of sustainability, communication and networking, the legal framework and projects are presented. The annual report can be obtained free of charge from DVT, Beueler Bahnhofsplatz 18 in 53225 Bonn (e-mail: info@dvtiernahrung.de). It is available on the Internet as a PDF download: www.dvtiernahrung.de