The company  Eckel Animal Nutrition, based in Niederzissen, is 25 years old. On this occasion, managing director Antje Eckel had come up with a truly powerful surprise for her employees: a two-storey birthday cake in Eckel colors, and on top mascot Ecki.
Exactly 25 years ago, Antje Eckel founded the Dr. Eckel GmbH and laid the foundation of today's company. Much has changed in this time. And that, says Antje Eckel, is good, because “the only continuous thing is change”.
Go ahead, implement visions, stay open to new things, that's what Dr. Eckel drives until today. The foundations of the company have remained the same, despite all changes. It are the values ​​and guidelines that inspired Antje Eckel to found her company: excellence, responsibility and pioneering spirit.
Twenty-five years ago, Dr. Eckel was one of the first in Germany, who put alternatives to the antibiotic performance promoters in the livestock diet. Today, the company is a leader in the development of feed additives for the sustainable improvement of animal welfare. For this success Dr. Eckel now has more than 70 employees from more than 20 countries.
On the occasion of the anniversary, further actions will take place around the company birthday in the course of the year. So Dr. Eckel will organize a large conference for its customers in autumn with renowned international speakers on the subject of animal welfare. The whole team is looking forward to an exciting and successful year.

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