The manufacturing of innovative and high-quality spray products requires a lot of experience

Natural cosmetics, plant extracts, essential oils or natural raw materials – the trend towards more nature runs like a red thread from cosmetics, to the food and feed industry, or washing and cleaning agents. However, the handling of natural raw materials is often a particular challenge: For certain applications, pure extracts or essential oils have a too high concentration, insufficient dosing proper-ties, limited shelf life, volatilize too fast, irritate the skin, mucosa and eyes or react in a undesirable way with other substances or components. Conventional powder products show bad flow properties, insufficient dosing properties, are hygroscopic or have an insufficient solubility. It is precisely these kind of problems that the Swiss spray technology company Erbo Spraytec AG takes care about. In close collaboration with the customers there are elaborated individual solutions for their problems, developed new processes and finally manufactured their products in large size. , both with regard to the plant technology, and to the properties of the used raw materials. By a clever combination of the processes (e.g. “onion shell granulation”, single or multiple layer coating, matrix encapsulation) with the encapsulation or carrier substances the required product properties can be adjusted and the handling and processing properties of the end product can considerable be im-proved. These innovative spray products provide numerous advantages:

Excellent dosing properties

Amelioration of the flow properties of powder products

Longer durability, better storage stability

Better handling of volatile or irritating substances (essential oils, aromatic substances, etc.)

Reduction of hygroscopicity

Avoiding of undesirable reactions with other substances/components

Controlled release of the active substances

Possible additional effects, as e.g. peeling effect

The exciting thing is, that the fields of application of the customized spray products are not limited to specific industries.