Eurotier 2022

Good stable climate with evaporation


Hot summers challenge livestock producers. Brentwood/ENEXI Water Technologies has developed a solution based on plastic bodies to master barn climate control in an energy-efficient and sustainable way.

HUMIPACKING® polypropylene packings provide a better climate. These plastic bodies have a surface and geometry optimized for this purpose. This results in high evaporation and cooling performance. At the same time, the low air resistance favors the effective entry of cool air into the barn. HUMIPACKING® elements have a high UV resistance and are designed to greatly reduce the incidence of light. They are therefore a long-lasting, sustainable solution to improve air temperature and humidity in pig and chicken houses at low operating costs, thus promoting animal health.

About Brentwood and ENEXIO Water Technologies
Brentwood Industries, Inc. is a family-owned, U.S.-headquartered company with operations worldwide. For over 50 years, Brentwood has applied plastics technologies to solve unique customer challenges and cultivated a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability. Today, Brentwood is an industry leader in the design, engineering and production of plastics solutions for cooling towers, mass transfer, medical devices, water treatment, consumer products, stormwater management, construction and battery applications. Brentwood Industries acquired ENEXIO Water Technologies in January 2022, expanding the company's global footprint and acquiring new capabilities.

The AGRIdek climate system brings together the HUMIPACKING® packers with the appropriate sprinkler unit and the necessary pumps to form a complete kit. The system is suitable for self-assembly. It is assembled by means of plug and click connections and finally glued. The plastic packings are easy to clean and are therefore also suitable for use with water of high hardness or with higher iron and manganese content. The pumps belonging to AGRIdek are maintenance-free and any impurities are retained by a pump strainer.

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