Eurotier 2022

Healthy intestine - healthy animals


With Miarom Intest, Miavit focuses on phytogenic ingredients to support digestion and maintain intestinal health in pigs and poultry. For calves suffering from diarrhea, the company offers a solution using a smart combination of electrolytes.

Miarom Intest C is a supplementary feed for pigs and poultry. It consists of a combination of various phytogens of caraway, star anise, chamomile, ginger, cinnamon and oregano. The combination of coated components and ground herbs as well as extracts enables slow release through all sections of the digestive tract. The product thus preventively supports the digestive process and intestinal health. The handling is simple, Miarom Intest C is added to the drinking water.

The need to supply electrolytes in diarrhea symptoms is widely known. However, the composition of electrolyte concentrations on the one hand and the abundance of additional support for young animals with diarrhea on the other hand differ. MiaQlyte combines these properties in a new product solution: the proportions of the most important electrolytes used are in an ideal ratio, so that the physiological impairments caused by an electrolyte deficiency in diarrhea problems are counteracted quickly and effectively. In addition, osmolytic components counteract the threat of dehydration. This maintains the natural cell function. Rounding off, phytogenic components help with rapid recovery, reduce oxidative stress during symptoms and thus promote optimal regeneration. In addition to its composition, MiaQlyte stands out for its ease of application. It can be administered directly in milk.


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