Eurotier 2022

Innovations for young animals


Biochem has developed a new feed supplement. It makes it easier for calves to breathe. And a new formulation of a proven remedy prevents diarrhea in piglets and facilitates weaning without zinc administration.

Respiratory function in calves is said to be aided by Biochem's new BronchoVest Direct product. It is a variant of the proven BronchoVest and was developed specifically for calf rearing and fattening operations. This is because calf morbidity is estimated to be 20-100% and calf mortality up to 21%, according to Biochem.

To improve weaning of piglets without diarrhea symptoms, Biochem has changed the formulation for Bimulac Weaner and now combines the proven formulation with a probiotic - TechnoSpore Bacillus coagulans DSM 32016. This approach is part of the company's holistic zero zinc concept.


More information in hall 23, booth A44