Eurotier 2022

Making milk production sustainable

picture alliance/Sebastian Willnow

Cargill offers new additives to reduce methane formation in ruminants. Innovations also focus on stabilizing the rumen.

More than 10 years of research into the use of nitrate in ruminant feeding to reduce methane formation in the gut has gone into the development of Cargill's innovative new methane-reducing ruminant feed SilvAir®. The company is showcasing this innovation at the show and plans to demonstrate its success in feeding dairy cows.

In addition, Cargill has developed the Rupromin® Balance rumen buffer. According to the company, this unique buffer uses advanced knowledge and technology to map the rumen's fermentation pattern as closely as possible, providing fast-acting and long-lasting benefits.


For more information, visit Hall 20, Booth C45.