Feed Manufacturers association

Animal nutrition industry starts jubilee celebrations in Lower Saxony

At the beginning of March Deutsche Verband Tiernahrung e. V. (DVT – German Animal Nutrition Association) celebrated its foundation as a trade association.

 On 1 March 1918 companies in the feed industry joined in an association for the first time to represent their common interests, the Verband deutscher Futtermittelfabrikanten e.V. (Association of German Feed Manufacturers). Today, a hundred years later, the industry needs representation more than ever. “The overwhelming majority of feed companies, private or cooperative, have joined our association. It is an essential contact and representative of the industry in politics, with the authorities and in society,” declared DVT President Jan Lahde in his speech to over 100 guests at the start of the DVT Regional Group North conference in Grossenkneten A few figures show the impressive success of the feed manufacturers. Production of compound feed in 1918 was 294000 tons of molasses feed and 284000 tons of other compound feed. In 1959 feed sales in the Federal Republic of Germany (old) exceeded the three million ton mark. In 1989 they had reached 18 million tons, joined in 1990 by some 3-4 million tons from the former German Democratic Republic. In 2016 this had increased to 23.4 million tons of compound feed.“We are the biggest sub-market in Europe. Today, there are 309 compound feed manufacturers in Germany with average annual production of 77385 tons. We were able to do this because the German market for animal feed is so efficient and export-oriented. Another reason, however, is because we repeatedly found new ways for optimal effective and efficient animal nutrition, and our customers trust us,” Lahde continued. The challenges continue to be great, particularly in quality management. Feed manufacturers produce on the basis of the latest scientific and technological results, and their products contribute towards improving nutrition of agricultural livestock and their products. Lahde emphasises: “We can say with confidence that feed is part of the solution, even when it comes to optimisation of environmental tolerance and meeting social requirements for nutrition.” The DVT will celebrate its centenary appropriately on 13 September at the annual conference in Berlin.



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