Demand for high-quality and sustainable feed components is increasing

FeedValid specializes in three key areas: upgraded proteins, circular products and macerated cereals. Each of these three product groups posted an increase in sales last year: upgraded proteins by more than 10 % and circular raw materials, above all bread flour, also by about 10 %. Macerated Grain is new to the FeedValid range. Due to increased demand, a modern production line in Poederoijen, the Netherlands, was commissioned in the third quarter of 2018 for the production of this feed component.
Rumen-stable proteins and processed GMO-free soybeans make a major contribution to the growth of protein-rich raw materials. Sales Director Mark Brokking: "We see a strong increase in the demand for upgraded proteins for VLOG-certified feeds and processed low-phosphorus feeds."
FeedValid also achieved a plus of more than 20 % in the production of rumen-stable full-fat proteins in the dairy cattle sector. Mark Brokking: "Our rumen-stable full-fat proteins have a very positive effect on milk yield, fertility and animal health. In addition, the content of healthy, unsaturated fatty acids in the milk increases. "
The reason for the success of the circular products lies in the sustainability of these feed components, which is why they are in particular demand for new feed concepts. This is especially noticeable with bread flour, explains Brokking: "Bread flour consolidates its position in the market as a high-quality supplement to grain. In the production of feed for, inter alia, the poultry fattening is reduced by the use of bread flour the energy expenditure when pressing the feed. It is also very well suited for piglet feed due to its valuable, macerated starch."
FeedValid anticipates continued growth in demand for upgraded and sustainable commodities in 2019 as well. Managing Director Arjen Brokking: "The market is changing, on the one hand by laws and regulations, on the other hand by the expectations of consumers. Together with our customers, we want to focus on the opportunities that result. As a family business, we attach great importance to a partnership and sustainable cooperation with our customers. " The plant opened last year in Poederoijen in the Netherlands is a good example of this future orientation. This plant, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, produces specialty feeds for juveniles, feed for fattening calves and customized products. In addition, raw materials such as barley, maize and wheat are processed into macerated cereal products. The modern plants also produce upgraded proteins from GMO-free, protein-containing raw materials such as peas and lupines.