As the COVID-19 is quickly spreading around the world again, Fefac's and BFA's (Belgian feed association) number one concern stays the health and safety of delegates, speakers, exhibitors and staff.

On 27 July, the Belgian National Security Council convened to introduce more stringent security measures to restrict a new flare-up of the Corona virus. In addition, the Antwerp local authorities have taken even stricter measures and will not allow events in their territory during the next 4 weeks.

Therefore, after careful consideration, the organising committee has decided to adapt the meeting format and organisation of the XXIX FEFAC Congress of 24-25 September 2020.

The Board of Directors of FEFAC, the Covid-19 workshop, the launch of the BFA Sustainable Charter, FEFAC Sustainability Charter 2030: Highlighting top priorities and tangible commitments & "The European Green Deal - The Farm to Fork roadmap towards a carbon-neutral livestock economy" / COVID-19 impact on food security in the European Union will be held in a different physical location. A web streaming service will be offered. 

Already paid participation fees will be refunded if a physical participation is not possible.  A separate registration will be offered to join the web streaming service for the event. Fefac and BFA will inform about the modalities in the near future.