FEFAC, representing the EU compound feed and premix industry, has published its Annual Report 2017-2018. The 2017-2018 period marks the first year of the presidency of Nick Major, who highlights the implementation of the FEFAC 2030 Feed Industry Vision, adopted in 2016, as one of his first priorities. He notes that the shift of a defensive to a proactive approach is already delivering results. Major raises attention to the work FEFAC has done on sustainability, which should not be simply seen as activities on top of EU legal requirements.

The Annual Report 2017-2018 provides an overview of FEFAC action and positioning on the most pertinent topics relevant to the European feed industry in the last year. This includes the publication of the PEFCR Feed for Food-Producing Animals, the revised maximum permitted levels for copper in pig feed, the political agreement on medicated feed and the animal nutrition dimension in the highly-anticipated European Protein Plan. The Annual Report also holds a two-page summary of the recent 63rd FEFAC Public General Assembly in Lyon, where the role of animal nutrition in optimal health management was discussed. The middle section contains a selection of 2017 statistics related to compound feed manufacturing.

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