FEFAC publishes annual Report 2018-2019

FEFAC, representing the EU compound feed and premix industry, has published its Annual Report 2018-2019. The Report provides an overview of FEFAC action and positioning on the most pertinent topics relevant to the European feed industry in the last 12 months. It includes a recap of the recent FEFAC 60th Anniversary event in Brussels and topics such as European Feed Protein Production, Environmental Footprinting and the role of Animal Nutrition in tackling antimicrobial resistance. The middle section contains a selection of 2018 statistics related to compound feed manufacturing.
In the introduction, FEFAC President Nick Major provides a state of play of the topics of greatest importance to the feed industry. He points to the consistent threat of virus diseases that strongly impact the EU pig and poultry sectors, in particular African Swine Fever and Avian Influenza. He also expresses concerns about the ongoing geopolitical developments and their impacts on the trade environment. Looking ahead at the final year of his presidency, Major points to the development of a FEFAC Feed Sustainability Charter 2030, to be published at the XXIX FEFAC Congress in Antwerp on 4 June 2020.