Hamlet Protein

New Calf Nutritionist

In the continued effort to increase Hamlet Protein’s commercial and technical knowledge and to further support the European market, Hamlet Protein announce the appointment of Timo Schaefer as Calf Nutritionist.

As of February 2018 Timo works as Calf Nutritionist for Hamlet Protein to provide animal nutrition service to the EUROW sales region. In this position, Timo Schaefer will be working closely together with local distributors and sales responsible for Hamlet Protein to improve the awareness of Hamlet Protein and its solutions in the calf feed market.

Timo holds a Master of Science degree in Agriculture Science with a focus on Animal Nutrition from the University of Hohenheim, Germany. During his working life in various positions in Europe as e.g. Product Manager and R&D Manager, Timo gathered much experience in the field of young animal nutrition.