Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) are used in a variety of industries. But no matter whether in emulsions, juices, oils, flavors, additives, varnishes, colors, etc., in the handling and emptying of the IBC, the industry always recognizes improvement approaches. Höfelmeyer Waagen has developed a new type of IBC weighing station based on these market requirements, which has proven itself many times in practice.
The weighing systems are used in the interim storage, handling and dosing of liquid substances in industries such as food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc. and can be adapted to the media and requirements. They consist of a base made of stainless steel and one or more weighing platforms with tilting devices. The containers are simply and safely positioned on the station by means of a lift truck or forklift (anti-slip protection integrated). With increasing emptying, the containers are tilted by means of gas springs and thus the emptying of residues is optimized. The tilting position is automatically via the weight, the production can continue without interruptions.
Depending on the requirements, the liquid media are either manually or automatically controlled and dosed. The terminals are installed directly on the frame or alternatively in a control cabinet away from the system. In addition, the IBC station can be completely integrated into the existing systems via Ethernet, Profibus or Profinet.
The Höfelmeyer IBC weighing systems are available as a 1, 2 and 3 station. A larger number of pitches can be realized by combination. Below the frame there are also storage areas for further IBCs. This design allows optimal space utilization and a fast container change. Production losses are thus avoided.
The weighing systems also have their advantages in viscous products. In addition to the hydrostatic emptying of the containers via the bottom outlet, it is also possible to use pumps. In addition, the stations can be combined with mixers and agitators. The systems are IP69K rated and designed for 1,000 l IBC. They can also be adapted to containers of other dimensions. Further options are gutters for receiving dripping quantities and explosion-proof versions according to ATEX.
The overall concept is characterized by a design according to Hygienic Design and by a simple and safe handling. The stations allow an improved use of resources, an increased work ergonomics and safety as well as time savings.
With the IBC weighing stations Höfelmeyer complements its product portfolio according to the mission to equip a whole factory from incoming goods to outgoing goods with measuring technology.

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