Huvepharma announced its acquisition of the Animal Health Division of Neovia, from InVivo Group, a move that will expand the EU focus on livestock animal health products.
This includes Qalian France (Segré), Meriel France (hygiene line, St Etienne, France), Qalian Portugal
(Lisbon) and Qalian Italy (Carpi).
“We’re very excited about this addition to our EU animal health business,” says Christian Vervaet (DVM),
EU Sales Director Huvepharma. “This acquisition furthers Huvepharma’s strategy in creating a balanced
portfolio of animal health products and enhancing our presence in Europe and our international markets.
We will be in a better position to serve our customers with an extended high quality product range, the
Qalian team and the complementary production facilities.”
“We’re pleased to join Huvepharma’s internationally recognized animal health company, this move will
provide us with resources to quickly bring new solutions to veterinarians and producers. It will also allow
us to accelerate the international development of our ranges of products” says Alex Klein (DVM), General
Manager Qalian France.
The acquisition includes Qalian and Meriel production facilities in Segré, St Etienne in France and Carpi in
Italy, including the branded veterinary pharmaceuticals (drugs & premix), animal dietetics and hygiene
product lines.
“Huvepharma and Qalian are strong, complementary businesses focused on providing real solutions for
animal health,” Vervaet says.

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