Huvepharma® has obtained a BSA registration in Europe for Monimax®, a microgranulated product combining monensin and nicarbazin.

Coccidiosis remains a major concern for the poultry industry and efficient coccidiosis control is paramount to safeguard good performance. Suboptimal control of coccidiosis will decrease performance and, at the same time, may drive an increased use of antimicrobials for treatment of intestinal problems for which coccidiosis is a trigger (dysbacteriosis, necrotic enteritis).

Monimax® is registered for use in chickens for fattening, turkeys for fattening and chickens reared for laying. The synergy between monensin and nicarbazin ( see Synergistic effect of a combination of nicarbazin and monensin against coccidiosis in the chicken caused by Eimeria spp. (2020) Vereecken et al., Avian Pathology) allows the use of monensin and nicarbazin at lower concentrations, making it suitable for use in all conditions, all year round.  

Monimax® has proven efficacy against all Eimeria species in chickens and turkeys. This new combination of monensin and nicarbazin will result in a synergistic effect against the current field species of Eimeria and data supports an improvement in poultry performance. Monimax® is registered and safe for use in turkeys and chickens, which makes the product convenient for use in feed mills producing feed for different poultry species. Monimax® improves bird welfare as good coccidiosis control will also improve litter quality. Better litter quality has a direct effect on foot pad lesions, an important welfare indicator.


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