Cooperation between Iran Feed Industry Association and the European Feed Manufacturers Asssociation (Fefac)

On 21 June, the Iran Feed Industry Association (IFIA) and FEFAC signed a Memorandum of Cooperation fostering cooperation and information exchange (MoC) for the mutual benefit of the respective membership.
The agreement aims to establish cooperation at three levels:
-    Communication channels and relevant information exchange on feed safety, animal nutrition and sustainability as well as feed regulatory issues
-    Reciprocal visits and academic exchanges
-    Information exchange on Market development opportunities and possibilities
The cooperation agreement is without any financial obligation on neither side. The MoC is the result of bilateral discussions during the EU “High level” DG AGRI trade mission from November 2017 where Christina de Sousa (FEFAC Praesidium member) participated as delegate on behalf of the European feed industry. The Iran Feed Industry has a special interest  in the engagement of European companies with innovative technologies.


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