Fork piece with DURABLE DESIGN
Fork piece with DURABLE DESIGN

Jacob Söhne GmbH & Co. KG presented their new wear protection program DURABLE DESIGN at POWTECH (April 9-11). Different polyurethane linings make the inside of the tubes resistant to hard and abrasive media. Because they are glued or screwed into standard pipe parts, the full modularity of the JACOB modular system is retained. On request, the pipe parts can also be provided with other coatings such as ceramic or PTFE.

"Our DURABLE DESIGN wear protection program is an essential element for increasing the stability and thus the economic efficiency of industrial plants. We have already standardized a broad portfolio of more than 500 items and are continually expanding it to cover the widest possible range of our customers' applications", says Kai Gradert, Head of Product Management and Innovation at JACOB, citing the core customer value. Numerous media in industry and agriculture cause high wear during transport through pipe systems. Whether cement, gravel, sand, corn or grain: hard media on pipe bends or other elements that redirect the product flow, cause high wear and shorten the life. With DURABLE DESIGN JACOB opts for the now resistant polyurethane-based materials. Different variants are adapted to the respective application scenario and absorb with their properties the hard impacts of the product flow.

Modular System

By using standard pipe parts, the products can be mounted like a normal element of the modular system with flare sealing ring and clamping ring. And not just for newly designed systems. Companies can easily replace damaged items with a replacement with wear protection. In order to offer the widest possible range, five different polyurethane-based materials are glued or screwed together. With screwed wear protection, pipe diameters between DN 150 mm and DN 350 mm are available. Glued pipe diameters between DN 100 mm and DN 350 mm are possible. On request, JACOB also produces larger diameters.

Smooth transition

Lined elements have a narrower inner diameter. The transition from a non-lined piece of pipe would therefore create a threshold against which the product stream could bounce and solve the lining. That's why JACOB has designed feeders whose chamfers are chamfered and strengthened, creating a smooth transition. JACOB offers a diversified DURABLE DESIGN program with over 500 parts. If there are any doubts as to which lining fits the particular application scenario, the JACOB experts will make their expertise available.