The Animal Welfare Initiative “Initiative Tierwohl” is issuing a product label for the first time.

 It was introduced to the public at the International Green Week in Berlin in mid-January. Food retailers can use this label to mark unprocessed poultrymeat from chicken and turkeys. As of April 2018, consumers will be able to see the label in shops of the retailers taking part in the programme and this will show them that the meat comes from the some 1900 poultry farms participating in Initiative Tierwohl.

Initiative Tierwohl
As of 2018, around 492 million hens and turkeys a year will benefit from this welfare initiative. The organisation provides financial support for farmers to do more than the legal minimum for their poultry and animals and monitors the implementation of the respective measures. For example, poultry farmers in the Initiative must offer their flocks more space and additional enrichment activity options. “We are pleased to be able to offer this additional service for consumers”, said Dr. Alexander Hinrichs, CEO of Initiative Tierwohl. “With this label we are also showing that we have been listening carefully over the past three years to what consumers want.

We would like to support the opportunity to make a point of buying products that come from farms implementing measures for greater animal welfare in keeping.” To start with, Initiative Tierwohl will only be labelling unprocessed poultrymeat from chicken and turkeys. Processed meats, which for example have been marinated or processed to produce sausage, cannot be labelled yet.