Cost-effective yeast cell wall product


Lallemand Animal Nutrition launches its new yeast cell wall product OPTIWALL in Europe. Developed thanks to a dedicated research and development programme, OPTIWALL offers balanced and guaranteed levels of mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) and β-glucans from batch to batch.

The quality and consistency of OPTIWALL ensure optimal product efficacy for modulating the immune response and improving animal performance to achieve higher farm yields.

OPTIWALL is a straight feed (EU Regulation 68/2013) that can be used to support the performance and welfare of all animal species. It can be included in feeds, premixtures and complementary feeds, including organic feeds (EU Regulation 889/2008 and 834/2007).


Why a new yeast cell wall product?


Yeast cell walls (YCWs) are the insoluble fraction of autolysed or hydrolysed yeasts obtained after separation of the cytoplasmic portion (the cytoplasmic portion is used to produce the yeast extract).

YCWs are widely used in animal nutrition as a source of MOS and β-glucans as they have been shown to support gut health (pathogen binding, prebiotic effect, immunomodulatory properties and reduction of the negative effects of mycotoxins).

OPTIWALL was developed to meet the needs of specific segments of the feed market, such as the broiler fattening industry, which have a need for high quality and cost effective yeast cell walls that have guaranteed and consistent levels of MOS and β-glucans.

"At Lallemand, we have been developing yeast products that best meet the needs of the market for more than a century. With OPTIWALL, we are bridging the gap between premium products derived from primary fermentation and non-specific products derived from secondary fermentation, most of which vary widely in composition, quality and potency from batch to batch. By optimising the manufacturing process for products derived from secondary fermentation, we take advantage of the best of both worlds and offer a highly consistent product with guaranteed levels of MOS and β-glucans at an affordable price. Secondary fermentation gives us the advantage of large volume availability and price competitiveness. Our expertise in yeast production has enabled us to develop a consistent, standardised product," says Lisa Saibi, yeast product manager at Lallemand Animal Nutrition.


Optimum product efficacy

Performance trials conducted on commercial broiler farms confirm the benefits of OPTIWALL on growth performance and animal welfare. These positive effects are enhanced under challenging conditions.

Compared to the control group of animals whose diets did not contain OPTIWALL, the OPTIWALL-fed animals performed well, especially under pathogen stress:

  •     Higher growth
  •     Improved feed conversion rate
  •     Lower loss rate

 Overall, a return on investment of between 5:1 and 8:1 was calculated.