A recent study, presented at the 51st Journée de la Recherche Porcine in Paris (expert conference on pig research) on 6 February 2019, shows that supplementation with melon juice concentrate naturally rich in superoxide dismutase (MELOFEED, Lallemand Animal Nutrition) and Selenium yeast (ALKOSEL, Lallemand Animal Nutrition) improves the reproductive performance of sows.
In the study presented, the sows who received the antioxidant combination during the period between weaning and oestrus showed an improved repeating and farrowing rate in the subsequent cycle. In addition, more piglets were born, with significantly higher numbers of live piglets (Table 1).
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Übersicht 1

Fernando Bravo De Laguna, Head of R & D Projects Pig at Lallemand Animal Nutrition, who presented the study during the session, explains: "Hyperprolific sows are exposed to high levels of oxidative stress. Previous studies have already shown that supplementing sows with a combination of MELOFEED and ALKOSEL between weaning and oestrus can improve the maturity of the piglets and the homogeneity of the litter at birth. The current scientific study shows that both the piglet quality at birth and the reproductive performance of the sow are improved, with very good results in practice. "

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