Bernd Schmidt-Ankum
Bernd Schmidt-Ankum

On the 31st December 2019, Michael von Laer did, at his own request, cease being the managing director of Leiber GmbH in order to take up a new professional challenge. During the 19 years in which Michael von Laer has been responsible for Leiber GmbH as its director, he has contributed to the successful development of the company, nationally and internationally, and with a great deal of commitment advanced this specialist for brewers’ yeast products and yeast extracts.
Leiber's strong growth over the last few years, the development of business segments, the global representation and investment in its, by now, 250 committed employees were the reason why Leiber GmbH decided to distribute the associated workload and responsibilities across more than one person.
The partner managing director, Bernd Schmidt-Ankum, and the managing director Gilbert Klausmeyer will immediately take over the leadership of this brewers’ yeast specialist. This new dual leadership will ensure a smooth transition and the continuity of the Leiber management. Being a partner and having been on the Board of Directors for 16 years, Schmidt-Ankum is very familiar with Leiber and has always aimed to significantly shape the technological progress within the industry.
During the last 11 years, Klausmeyer was the business administration manager and authorised officer of the company Schne-frost. Before that, he had been working in a variety of similar positions within the food industry, where, in a number of diverse companies, he was able to collect comprehensive experience in commercial management and controlling. Gilbert Klausmeyer regards the active shaping of this brewers’ yeast specialist's strategic development as his particular challenge as a new managing director of Leiber GmbH.
Leiber GmbH has specialised in the refinement of brewers’ yeast products. The product portfolio offers a number of different product solutions: pure brewers’ yeast, brewers’ yeast bound to carriers with additional effects, specialist products with specific effects and even yeast extracts and autolysates.


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