In order to meet customers’ high demand for qualified consulting and support, Ms. Helene Schulze Zurmussen has been actively assisting the Animal Nutrition business unit

 since 1 November. Her task in the area of sales is to acquire new business partners and provide support for the existing customer base in North Germany. Having grown up on a farm specialising in keeping and breeding horses, including an integrated riding school, Ms. Schulze Zurmussen has the best qualifications for her work at Leiber, thanks to her close connection to agriculture and animal husbandry.

She received her Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Sciences at Bonn University in 2013. Three years later followed her Master of Science in Animal Husbandry. By taking part in a research project at the Institute of Agricultural Engineering, “Providing Concentrated Feed to Individual Horses Kept in Groups by means of Computer-Controlled Concentrated Feeding Stations” through the University of Bonn, Helene Schulze Zurmussen further expanded her knowledge of feed and is now perfectly equipped to provide consulting for Leiber’s customers. She reports directly to Florian Morhard, head of Leiber’s sales team.

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