Brewers’ yeast specialist Leiber has further expanded its distribution network in the animal feed sector. Raj Nakra Associates has been identified as a professional partner based in India. Together with Raj Nakra Associates, Leiber GmbH now wants to offer its animal-specific beer yeast speciality products in the feed markets of India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Raj Nakra Associates already has long-standing relationships with Leiber’s Health business unit.  Following the expansion as an animal feed distributor, Raj Nakra Associates now also offers feed industry customers the ability to advise on the production of compound feed and to assist with regulatory and technical matters. The first joint trade fair appearance at the Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2019 in India met great interest among potential customers.

Nikolaus Jungbluth, Business Unit Director of Leiber animal nutrition, says: "We also look forward to now working together with our partner Raj Nakra Associates in the animal feed sector, on the distribution of our product range and on making use of the potential that these markets offer."


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